First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Life is hard and then you die. That is what my mom always says. It is true. I’ve never known my mom to lie. But never were more true words spoken, I’m sure she will not want to live her life knowing that this was her legacy. These may have been her words but her life told a different story. I think Steven Rogers said it best, ”

Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts. You have to remember this when you find yourself at the beginning. Give Hope a chance to float up and it will.”


The Ball Game

The kids got to attend their first baseball game yesterday. My hubby Loves Denver Football (GO BRONCOS!!!!!!). Well, he LOVES Football in general. BUT, I LOVE BASEBALL! This was really exciting for me, probably not so much for the kids, but I WAS SO FREAKING EXCITED to go!!! I was raised around a Diamond. (Wow, I guess that explains a lot about my jewelry addiction.)

My dad Coached all 3 of my older brothers, almost their entire childhood, up through high school. (With 3 older brothers, I ended up as a Tomboy with a Diamond addiction, how Ironic) I played Baseball when I was little. I was good at hitting, but not much else. However, I grew to LOVE the sound of the cracking bat and the cheering crowd (GO A’s!!!!).

Baseball is my dad’s Favorite sport. I say “is” even though he passed away when I was 9. I know he still lives and watches over me everyday. Every crack of that bat reminds me of him. I guess that is why I get so excited about going to games. I can imagine him here with me. It is so sad that he had to miss all of this. No one should have to leave in the prime of their lives. 38 is too young. As we sat there I could feel him there.

I can imagine that he is very busy up in Heaven. I imagine that a good and loving Father in Heaven would let my Dad take time to sit and watch a game with us. Even though I hardly got to watch but one or two hits of the game, with all of the CRAZINESS that comes from bringing 4 kids, your parents and 50 of your closest bleeding disorder foundation friends and their 50 kids, I missed the 5 runs we got.

It was so nice to see my kids there having fun, clapping, getting excited with the crowd and imagine their grandpa there beside them. He would be teaching them the finer points of the game, critiquing the plays and screaming at the ump. I was trying to say what I though he would say to the kids, if he were here. It was more than ironic that I was at a baseball game with very people that had bleeding disorders just like him, just like us.

Reflecting Under the Magnolia Tree

I sit here under the beautiful magnolia tree at our favorite park. I’m alone today, well, I’m never ALONE, ALONE.  I am without my usual haggle of my favorite hens. Its kind of nice. I’m not often left with my own thoughts at the park. 

As I sit here and watch the kids, it often flabergasts me that a Heavely Father so wise and perfect leaves me (and my hubby) as steward of these 4 perfect beautiful and amazing human beings. 

As everyother parent often thinks, I feel absolutely inadequate and unworthy of such amazing beings. Like, really, all of these kids Heavenly Father, seriously?

 It wasn’t until I was sitting in the partk today, thinking such narrowmined things of myself ( I usually am not so hard on myself. I consider myself a pretty good mom and human but I’ve been struggling with the recovery of my broken leg. It makes already hard things almost impossible). 

Then, it really hit me. If He is so wise and perfect he must know some amazing stuff about me that I haven’t fugured out yet. That I have (and am) exactly what He needs me to be for these children After that, I wasn’t so critical of myself.

After that, I began to look for things IN ME that needed to come out. Ones that needed to be nurtured. I was obviously given these amazing kids and awesome traits to be a good person and parent. I’m not even looking for them let alone trying to develop all of the amazing things God Gave me! No better day than today to try!

Restoring faith in humaity

Cleaning up after a long weekend away always give one time to  reflect.🤤 But, really, I am so grateful I was able to sit across from and connect with so many people this weekend. There is no feeling in the world like seeing the face of a person you have known almost as long as your family. Its even more amazing to see that these friends, ones I chose decades ago, are still those same wonderful people even after all of these years. And furthermore that they still love and respect you for the person you are. It really renews my faith in humanity. And even a little in myself.


So I wanted to talk this week about cleaning. It’s an often spoken about subject and there are all sorts of tips, tricks, websites, methods of doing things and tons of people giving advice about cleaning. But I think there are some fundamental things about cleaning that have been lost over the years. Cleaning isn’t just about having a clean house. It’s a also a reflection of your state of mind. Cleaning is a normal  part of all forms and walks of life. Even animals take on this menial job.

Seriously it’s not all bad and horribly hard work, like everybody makes out to be. Not that hard work is a bad thing and I think that’s where some of the problem comes from. There’s just this stigma in our minds about cleaning being a hard thing. Or, maybe we’re just holding on to some childhood regret of having to always clean the house with our families.

Keeping the house clean shouldn’t be a chore. It should just be like my husband’s grandmother says,  “Just do the same thing on the same day every week and it’s hardly any work at all.”

If you like to dust go to Grandma’s house on Wednesday she’ll put you to work. If you like to work in the yard go to her house on Sunday and a floors are your thing be there on Saturday when she does her heavy cleaning.

Now, my grandma, my mom’s mom, she taught my mom this simple method. Do your daily routine. Beds, dishes, floors, garbage, load of laundry and then do one more thing. Something being neglected like the dirty light fixtures, the top of the fridge or dirty baseboards or light switches. Just think in 30 days you will have done 30 extra chores! Wow! I’m sure the house will be sparkling!

Then there is my favorite way of tracking cleaning. And, if you are a type a personality, you’ll live this one. Go get the book “The Sidetracked Home-executive”. They break down work into 5-10 chunks. Everyone has 5-10 to clean! And there is an index card for EVERTHING IN YOU HOME AND LIFE! Even the hubby can follow this system.

For instance the index marker for today’s date the 13th has cards for: dishes, floors upstairs, floors downstairs, scrub guest bath toilet, sweep porch, feed dog, wipe out microwave and dust plants. All of these can be done in 10 min or less. Kids can pick and choose or you can tape them to a name card for them on the fridge as chores to do for the Wi-Fi code.

When they are done the cards either go in the next days marker, like dishes or feeding dog that are done daily. Cleaning toilet and sweeping the porch go in Wednesday’s index marker for next Wednesday to be done once a week on Wednesdays. And dusting the plants can go in the next months index marker for the 13th to be done again on a monthly basis. And so on with bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually, and every 2 years with every chore in the house.

I love the fact that I don’t feel like the whole house has to be cleaned in one day all at once. I do all of the toilets on monday, mop all of the floors on tuesday and Do the sinks on wednesday. I hate bathrooms. I’m quite the germaphobe. Breaking the bathrooms down helps me with my icky germ hatred. Dirt, mud and kids ick, is cool, I just don’t do the viral, bacterial and deadly germ thing very well. Chem and organic chem and biology classes do stuff to you.

Consolidation, organization and clutter are a completely different subject, for another day.

What is your method? What do you do to motivate yourself? What are your biggest struggles?

We all have something to offer

A question was presented to me in another group today. It questioned If older moms could get anything out of “mom” groups, because they presumed all of the moms were moms of small children. Even if that were the case. This was my response:

I have kids from infancy to 10 and I have brothers that are 7-10 years older than me. I understand the problems they face. Their kids had children the same time as I did. needless to say I had kids later in life; I’m old enough to be a Grandmother. It’s not about the kids. It’s about the moms, no matter what age your kids are. We all worry.

My Grandma always said, “Little one’s little problems, Big ones big problems”. It’s not the specific problems we have, its that we all have them. We don’t have to go through it alone. We have to try to live through them, why not do it together? with support? So many of us are alone. Even with people in the same room. They don’t know our struggles, our specific worries.

Also, I don’t think my Grandma meant that mom’s with little kids have it easier than those with older or adult kids. She meant that in life we all go through different seasons. A mom with a sick infant will be just as worried sick as the mom with the 16 year old that isn’t home on time. we all think the worst, loosing our precious child. We are all afraid of failing as a parent.

We all can help and learn from each other. Although no two parents have the exact same child, problem or situation, I can guarantee that there is not one specific challenge that anyone of us face, that their has not been another parent that has lived through it. You may not get anything out if all of the advice given a new mom. Sometimes its not about what we can get, but what we can add. A parent of adult children have a wealth of wisdom to share.

Although it may not seem logical to stick around just to “help”, I’m always grateful for the young mom sharing her story. It reminds me that I made it through that! It reminds me of those days and that I loved them. It also reminds me to keep perspective. I can remember that back then, I thought my world might end if one of my babies were in the NICU. Then I had a baby in the NICU and I survived!!!

Whatever I face tomorrow or next year, I will survive. You may not see the light at the end of the tunnel but How many tunnels have you seen the beginning of? And, by the fact that you are still here means you have made it through all of the tunnels to their end so far. Right? Moms are extraordinary. We all have something to offer!